About Neurotransmitter Reset Program™

Dr. Higgins' Neurotransmitter Reset Program™ is the culmination of 32 years in practice and witnessing, first hand, where traditional diagnostic tools and treatments have missed the mark.  Patients were coming to her for answers after years of failed prescriptions, emotional distress, physical pain, mental disorders, and addiction.  She knew that to help them, she'd need to bring together different aspects of medicine in order to treat the whole person.  With over three decades of multidisciplinary study, she became her first patient and has continued to change the lives of individuals and their families through this revolutionary and breakthrough treatment. 

Historically, the Nervous, Endocrine and Immune systems have been considered separate entities.  However, recent evidence shows that those systems are actually part of a single and integrated Neuro-Endocrine-Immune (NEI) super system that communicates with neurotransmitters, hormones and cytokines, giving rise to a compromised immune system and potential subsequent inflammation which leads to low mood, poor cognition,  low energy, hyperactivity, fatigue, frequent illness, and autoimmune diseases.  

To treat her patients, Dr. Higgins has created an extensive treatment model which addresses every aspect of wellness: the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual, to get them back on the path to wellness.  Below is a breakdown of what to expect if you chose to utilize NRP:

After your initial consult, Dr. Higgins will decide what neurotransmitters, cortisol, sex hormones, genetic SNPs, methylation defects, micronutrients and/or additional lab work should be measured, along with the review of existing medical records. 


Dr. Higgins and her team of doctors will then review and interpret your biomarker data.  Based on your individual lab results, a treatment plan will then be created to address your unique body.


Dr. Higgins’ breakthrough 4 Pillar System is a recommended part of the treatment process and is incorporated and discussed during the bi-monthly follow-up visits.  Lifestyle accounts for 70-85% of diseases and therefore plays a vital role in your overall health.  

Bi-weekly follow-up appointments are performed via Zoom. The purpose of the follow up appointments is to track progress and discuss any new health concerns that may arise during the course of the 4-month treatment protocol.

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About Telehealth and Neurotransmitter Reset Program™

Treating patients via telemedicine is ideal because lab values precisely describe the symptoms and disease processes, while isolating measurable thresholds to track throughout treatment. 


The current standard of the Blood Reports only identifies the pathological levels present in the body and indicates whether a patient may be sick or healthy.  Dr. Higgins' practice reviews "bio-available" levels in the body which allows Dr. Higgins to either stage or anticipate a disease process that may develop given the various test results. 


Upon receiving lab results requested based on symptom expression, Dr. Higgins and her team develop an individualized protocol based on specific and quantifiable data, unique to each patient. This data collection and interpretation is what sets NRP™ apart from the current Disease Model of treatment.  Measuring, isolating, and tracking these bio-available levels is what unlocks the key to your health.


Dr. Higgins' specificity, precision, and individualized approach is what has allowed to her to treat patients all over the world through tele-medicine.