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For Addiction Recovery visit:
Wired For Addiction®

The Wired For Addiction® is a revolutionary new way to help individuals dealing with a variety of behavioral wellness complexities, including addiction. We offer a new type of addiction recovery that seeks to examine the underlying physiological issues as well as the psychological factors that are creating addictive behavior. Historically, the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems were all thought to be separate entities. However, new research has found that they are actually closely related and rely on one another to communicate and function properly.
At Wired For Addiction®, we address ailments from a holistic point of view, rather than narrowing in on a particular symptom to mask. We understand that addiction – as well as the stress, depression, and anxiety that are often at the root of addiction- can be the result of a combination of factors that impact the mind, body, and soul. For example, depression can be brought on by life events, but it has a physiological basis and can also be one of the side effects of prescription medication -- even medications intended to treat depression. It manifests itself as a mental disorder, but it can also be the result of malfunctioning in your Neuro-Endocrine-Immune System.
If you are in search of a new kind of addiction recovery that will get at the root of the pain you’re experiencing, not just relieve the symptoms, seek testing and biochemical pathway support through Wired For Addiction®.

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