Compass Health and Wellness Executive Program

“A Substance Use Disorder Program designed to address the cause of various addictions and provide lasting solutions, tailored exclusively for Executives.”

From opioids to alcohol, prescription medications to recreational drugs, Substance Use Disorder is the primary issue facing today’s C-Suite.  75% of adults with a Substance Use Disorder are in the workforce, and this figure is even higher among Executives.  You are not alone and there is a lasting solution.


The Compass Health & Wellness Executive Program’s formula views Substance Use Disorder and addiction not as a flaw or weakness, but rather as a fixable biochemical imbalance.










Through a 10-day intensive in-patient setting in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, clients experience 8-hour days of personalized cutting-edge medical therapeutics, IV therapy tailor-made specifically to each individual’s physiological requirements, group talk therapy, one-on-one counseling sessions, and structured group activities. 


Following the 10-day program, clients return to their homes and continue their individualized treatment protocol of pharmaceutical grade supplements based on laboratory data in addition to telehealth appointments over the course of 6 months.


Compass isn’t a rehab – it is a 10-day medical retreat designed to address the biochemistry causing your addiction and then tackling the lifestyle choices feeding it over the next 6-months.  Are you willing to be a better employee?  A better friend?  A better parent?  With a 97% success rate, the Compass Health & Wellness Executive Program is a long-term solution to your Substance Use Disorder.

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