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Side Effects of Stress

A Comprehensive Program Designed to Manage the Side Effects of Stress

Stress is something we all relate to. According to research, 55% of adults in the US suffer from stress during the day – which is about 20% higher than the levels in other countries. The trouble is that there aren’t many medical programs out there that offer help managing stress.


The Neurotransmitter Reset Program™ is a new kind of program that helps to address the causes as well as the side effects of stress. Stress is such a commonplace term; many don’t think of it as a serious health issue. However, the side effects of stress can lead to serious physical problems like heart disease and high blood pressure, as well as behavioral problems like addiction. If you need help managing stress and the traditional methods prescribed by doctors haven’t worked, give us a call at the Neurotransmitter Reset Program™.
Changing your diet and getting more exercise is always a good place to start. But for some people, the issues go much deeper than diet and exercise, which is what makes many people turn to drugs or alcohol.


At the Neurotransmitter Reset Program™, we believe that stress can often be the result of a combination of physiological and psychological issues that must be examined from an objective perspective. We take a look at all the body systems and lifestyle factors that may be causing you the most stress and treat the problem from on a biochemical level.

Anyone in search of a way to manage the side effects of stress should give us a call at the Neurotransmitter Reset Program™. You can go ahead and read the client testimonials we have on our website to see for yourself how your life could change after going through our program. Stress can be tough to endure, but with the right guidance, you can easily manage it. Give us a call today to book a consultation or request more information.

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