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Mother and Daughter

Becky G.

Getting tested through NRP is a decision I’m very glad I made.  I had been experiencing a significant drop in energy, focus, and motivation for a little more than a year and needed some answers.


Seeing my neuroscience numbers and how they correlated with what I was experiencing was liberating for me. It took my abstract symptoms and gave them concrete causes and solutions.

Three months into my biochemical pathway support plan recommendations, I am better able to manage my day.  If I choose not to do something, it’s because I don’t want to, not because I can’t.  I am better able to focus on things I read, which is helpful to my job as a copy editor. I am more interested in committing to activities and social engagements than I was previously. Ultimately, the things I struggle with now sit well under my control and management. I feel more in control of each day.

Mother and Son

Kammy P.

My son and I both have used NRP to help us find the root cause of our health problems.


My son suffered an adverse reaction to his asthma medication and we went to WFA for their neuroscience test. The adverse reaction to the asthma medication left him depressed, unable to focus, having trouble sleeping, hyperactive, poor impulse control, and much more. We found four neuroscience biomarkers on the NRP test were substantially off the charts.


NRP offered biochemical pathway support plan recommendations based on objective lab data, and within days, he was happy, smiling again, and able to articulate his feelings, instead of reacting impulsively. He also was able to be calm and focused enough to start therapy.

We also had NRP test his micronutrient levels to help combat his asthma and found he was deficient in eight, and borderline on eight.  Instead of guessing what vitamins he needed, the answer was right in front of us. Within a week of NRP's support plan recommendations, my son reported he had “much more energy.” I’m excited to see his health improve over time once his nutrient levels are stable.

I also started to have several health issues this past year; asthma, allergies, and chronic fatigue.  Dr. Higgins ran a micronutrient panel on me, as well, and found I was deficient in several micronutrients, including copper, which makes me so grateful we did this since this deficiency can eventually lead to cancer if not corrected.


After one month of Dr. Higgins’ protocol, I don’t feel as exhausted.  I was feeling like I couldn’t get through the day without taking a nap.  I also had a lot of digestion problems that feel much improved.  We are so grateful to Dr. Higgins for helping us!

Business Woman

Lisa S.

NRP wellness staff consulted with me, did a lab work-up that no one had ever done before, and created a biochemical pathway support plan that made a new person out of me.


Having been a daily drinker for three to four decades, as well as a smoker of marijuana and a habitual gambler, created a taxing life – to say the least.


I now am clean and sober, and don’t miss my old life.

Little Boy Standing Portrait

Laura M.

We contacted NRP when our 11-year-old son had a sudden onset of neuropsychiatric symptoms upon discontinuation of his asthma maintenance medication.


For 120 days, our son experienced debilitating depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, nightmares, paranoia, and visual and auditory hallucinations.  After consultations with our pediatrician, the emergency room psychiatric department, a rheumatologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, social workers, an immunologist, pulmonologist, and chiropractor failed to uncover a viable cause such as infections, traumatic event, autoimmune disease, and sleep apnea, we contacted NRP.

At our initial consultation, our NRP wellness consultant explained that our son’s medication and/or the abrupt discontinuation, most likely affected his brain’s neurotransmitters. We discussed a plan to test his neuroscience levels in order to develop a customized biochemical pathway support plan to restore the levels.

For the first time, my husband and I did not feel alone in our journey to help our son.  We found a partnership with NRP that took us from feeling helpless and desperate to feeling hopeful and empowered.

Not only did our NRP wellness consultant take the time to explain the science behind the neurotransmitter test results in terms we could easily understand, but she also encouraged us to believe the supplements and the full-body detoxification program would be successful. This foundation allowed us to completely commit to the program, even on days when we felt defeated.

During the support plan, NRP kept in constant communication with us, providing guidance and encouragement, as well as speaking directly to our son. Our NRP wellness consultant's unique approach to initiating casual conversation as opposed to traditional therapy resonated with our son, and he responded to her differently than to others.

The biochemical pathway support plan that NRP developed was a success. We will be forever grateful to NRP for not only healing our son, but for walking with us through this traumatic time in our life.

Confident Mature Woman

Fran D.

I was struggling both physically and emotionally when I connected with NRP. I had been battling with weight gain along with dealing with outside stressors.

My initial consultation with my NRP wellness consultant had me hooked. She took the time to listen to me, and her compassionate manner put me at ease immediately. She explained how she would put me through some initial testing to determine what were some of the physical issues that might be occurring.

After the test results came back, my NRP consultant patiently went over the results with me, answering any questions I had regarding my results. She then created biochemical pathway support plan just for me. This plan included her contacting me weekly to follow up on how I was doing.

The NRP staff is one of a kind. I highly recommend that if you are looking for an innovative, proactive approach to better health, you seek out their expertise. You will not be disappointed.


Tom P.

I had become a daily drinker of alcohol and daily smoker of marijuana. I was experiencing auditory hallucinations and became paranoid of those around me.


My NRP wellness consultant went through a very lengthy consultation and listened to what I had been experiencing. She did a lab work-up that was fascinating and made total sense as to what I had been experiencing.


Within a week, I was feeling tremendous changes for the better, which continued to improve over the next several months. My life has improved in every way. 

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